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For destroying the life her sister, indore robber raw employee housewife deepika/veena falsely promoted as domain investor, gets a monthly government salary

While the brahmins are extremely united in supporting hardworking professionals like the post on reddit showed, the rich and powerful communities like brahmins, banias, gujjus, sindhis have cheating, exploiting, robbing professionals, investors from poorer communities like bhandari/obc communities, with the cheating, exploitation, government SLAVERY of the goa 1989 jee topper, a bhandari single woman engineer the best example of the disunity, cheating, exploitation, of professionals from poorer communities

Though the indore robber raw employee housewife deepika/veena was aware that her hardworking single sister, the goa 1989 jee topper had earned her money legally , along with her crooked husband, mahesh, who is politically well connected, since 2010, indore’s top fraud housewife deeepika/veena is allegedly making fake black money, money laundering allegations against the hardworking single woman to allegedly get a monthly raw salary for faking domain ownership, online income

Though the brahmin dominated indian tech and internet companies, allegedly led by google, tata, fraud brahmin/bania government employees especially from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay like puneet are aware that their favorite indore robber raw employee housewife deepika/veena is only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband, mahesh, has never invested money in domains, has never done any computer work for clients outside india and has no online income, the fraud liar indian tech, internet companies, government agencies are making fake claims about indore robber raw employee housewife deepika/veena so that she gets a monthly government salary at the expense of her sister,the real domain investor,a government SLAVE, making very less money despite working long hours because of the treachery of her greedy cunning cruel sister and her btech 1993 ee classmates from iit bombay led by the brahmin cheater puneet