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Domain investor forced to mention college because fraud cruel cunning ntro/raw employees refuse to end their financial fraud

The domain investor did not mention the college because she did not want to affect the college
yet only because the ntro/raw/cbi employees led by mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan, tushar parekh, vijay think that they can continue with their domain ownership, banking fraud forever, the domain investor is forced to mention the college and how her engineering classmates are falsely claiming to own her savings, domains, bank account, though they hate her, have never helped her, just because she was in the same class 30 years ago
It is a reflection of the rot in indian government, society, that the well paid ntro/raw/cbi employees are allowed to continue their financial fraud on their female engineering classmate who they HATE, falsely claiming to own her domains, bank account

Greedy gujju, scammer sindhi frauds who cheat, exploit, criminally defame innocent people do not realize that their victims will never trust them

Greedy gujju, goan, scammer sindhi, shivalli brahmin frauds who cheat, exploit, criminally defame innocent hardworking indian citizens to become even more richer and powerful, get lucrative government jobs with fake resume, fake bank account may make plenty of money, get widespread media coverage in the dishonest indian mainstream media but will never get the trust of the innocent persons whose life they destroyed
The domain investor was contacted by a gujju director of a marketing agency who slowly realized that though the greatest gujju domain fraudster amita patel may get a monthly government salary for FAKINg domain ownership, the gujju fraudster does not pay or control the domain names and the lies of the extremely powerful patel fraudsters faking domain ownership are exposed by anyone checking the domains, websites
Yet the gujjus, sindhi and other scammers do not realize that though the innocent person who they have cheated, exploited, criminally defamed cannot stop the scammers from DUPING others with their lies, the fraud victims can definitely refuse to deal with the sindhis, gujju and other frauds to avoid future losses, the reputation of the entire community is affected.
After being ruthlessly CHEATED, EXPLOITED, criminally defamed by Greedy gujju, goan, scammer sindhi, shivalli brahmin and other frauds for 11 years, it will be very difficult to trust anyone from these dishonest greedy communities