He Helped Fix the House Up Nice

He Helped Fix the House Up Nice

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I was extremely leery when my husband told me he wanted to buy a second house. He was given a pretty good deal if he wanted it, mostly because it was a fixer upper. He told me that he could do a lot of the work himself, and that he would hire a carpenter in Bristol to help with the things he could not do. When he showed me his vision on paper, I finally relented and signed on to help him turn it into a profit for him. I knew that it was going to require a lot of work once I actually took a tour of it though!

The door frames and window frames were warped, there were parts of the floor that probably just needed completely repaired, and the cupboards looked to be a lost cause. There was a lot more, but those are the three things that I noticed instantly. I helped my husband do what we could do together, which was mostly just scrubbing on my part and some plumbing and electrical repairs on his part. Once we had that all done, he contacted the carpenter that was recommended to him.

The carpenter came out and looked at the house within a few days and gave an estimate that was actually much lower than what I had expected. We signed the contract that day, and he told us that all work would be done within two weeks. We did not mind the time because there was a lot of work to be done there! We were just happy that he would be able to have a crew start that fast. He made the house beautiful! We were so impressed that we actually hired him to do some work on our own house. My husband wants to start flipping houses, and I know we have a good shot at it because of the carpenter we can hire when we need help.



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