An Accounting Answer to a Temporary Problem

An Accounting Answer to a Temporary Problem

When my bookkeeper went on maternity leave, I knew that I was going to have to find a replacement for her, at least temporarily. I am the one who had trained her when she started two years ago, but she has streamlined all of our accounting to where I am lost if I try to do it myself now. I asked her what we should do because we both knew that her intention was to return to her duties here. She told me about cafe accountants, which I knew nothing about even after she mentioned the company.

She told me that they would be able to step in temporarily and take over where she was leaving off. They would not even need to come to the office on a daily basis like she does. Everything they do is done from the cloud, which means they can access everything they need there, and I can do the same. She arranged for them to take over the basic accounting needs until she returned, and then she showed me how I would be able to access what they are doing and I can give them access to the numbers and documents that they need.

The last week before she started her maternity leave, we used this system with the accounting firm. I wanted to have at least a one week run with it while she was still here in case there were any problems. Everything ran smoothly though, They were even able to streamline a few things that she was doing. I knew that I had the option of keeping them rather than have her return, but my business has been built on loyalty. I knew she would come back, and I also knew that if she needs time off again that we have a company waiting to help us again.