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How the torrid extra marital affair of gujju fraudsters nikhil, school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina was exposed

Please note that any resemblance to real people is strictly coincidental like in hindi movies, serials this is posted only to expose the modus operandi of the gujju frauds who are impersonating the domain investor to get a cbi salary.

It appears that gujju businessman nikhil, is the latest fraud to steal the identity of the domain investor, engineer to get his real girlfriend, the gujju school dropout housewife naina who looks like sneha wagh a cbi job, after falsely claiming to know the domain investor very well.
Based on the evidence available the naina, nikhil identity theft racket was finalized in 2017-2018 itself. Till 2017, the domain investor was greeted on her birthday by her school classmates. However in 2018, though she greeted a lot of people between 2017-2018, however on her birthday in 2018, she found that no one from goa had greeted her. Also naina’s bearded son also named nikhil, purchased a red car L2233 in January 2018 indicating that the gujju fraudsters, cbi were overconfident that they would be able to steal the identity of the engineer.

Only a cousin and friend from some other state had greeted her online. It appears that nikhil was closely monitoring the facebook page, since he had told the rest of his classmates not to greet her. After the cousin wished the engineer, the fraud nikhil realized that his identity theft racket was not going to work, so he also greeted her. However the greedy gujju fraudsters in goa, continue to stalk, defame, cheat and exploit the domain investor with their real estate, banking and online fraud.

Now the ntro employees puneet, j srinivasan, patel are withdrawing , now a new battle has to be fought against the ruthless shameless greedy gujju fraudsters of goa. Keep checking the website for the latest updates on the google, tata masterminded identity theft racket

Google competitor has to waste her time exposing ntro employee puneet’s college romance with vrushali

The domain investor is not getting any traffic from google for her websites, because google claims that she is not a trustworthy source.

On the other hand, google, tata , ntro, raw, cbi, indian and state governments are blindly repeating the complete lies of mhow cheater ntro employee puneet and other ntro employees who have stolen the identity of the engineer, falsely claiming that he and others are very trustworthy source, when these cunning ntro employees are liars, exploiting the fact that private citizens cannot file a rti.

In fact other than j srinivasan, the domain investor does not even remember the face of any of the ntro employees like vijay, parmar, patel who are falsely claiming to know her to steal her resume, savings, correspondence, and with j srinivasan, puneet , the interaction was limited, like passing the attendance sheet

The only way the engineer, domain investor and google competitor can end the fraud permanently, is by legally proving that there is no connection, communication between the ntro employees and her for the last 25 years, they have no right to interfere in her life, misuse her name, make fake claims. The engineer made the mistake of tolerating this fraud for more than 9 years, now she cannot afford to tolerate anymore losses, defamation.

A few years ago, when the domain investor was checking her engineering classmates, she found that one of her classmates also from madhya pradesh, was working in google after doing his phd , and he was a good friend of mhow fraud puneet, often spotted together on the campus, living in the same hostel . Indian intelligence agencies are showing their lack of intelligence, refusing to verify, find out the real campus relationships nearly thirty years ago, repeating lies of the ntro employees.

In college vrushali from pune was the mhow cheater punet’s most well know girlfriend, later nayanshree hathwar, naina, riddhi , siddhi , sunaina, veena and others were his girlfriends, there is no communication between the google competitor, experienced engineer and domain investor at all, it can be confirmed legally. The google competitor has the exactly same relationship with the google employee, and mhow cheater puneet , they only studied in the same btech 1993 ee class.

An open question to google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi, indian and state governments, why is the google employee, the good friend of mhow cheater puneet, not used to independently verify the real girlfriends of mhow cheater puneet during engineering college, why are these organizations and companies repeating the lies of mhow cheater puneet that he was a friend of the domain investor, faking help to steal her correspondence, savings, memory, resume, when there is no connection at all,

After college, the google competitor was in mumbai, goa, only interacted with her professional colleagues, and some others from the same ladies hostel, she can legally prove that there is no communication between the mhow cheater puneet, other ntro employees and the google competitor, engineer whose resume, savings, memory, correspondence he has stolen

The domain investor, engineer only wishes to lead a peaceful life like other indian private citizens for the rest of her life, a life of dignity, without her correspondence stolen, house robbed, being denied her fundamental rights by officials faking help for her, without being falsely labelled a security threat