The Best Corporate Outing Ever

The Best Corporate Outing Ever

When my boss puts together a corporate event, it is usually a rather unique event. He has the standard dinners now and again, but he likes to do fun things for us too. The last event he threw for all his workers was a corporate shooting days in Bristol. We were not there all day, but we did have several hours of fun. We arrived at nine in the morning, and we had tea and coffee available straight away. Right before ten, we were able to meet our instructor. Most of us had never been clay pigeon shooting before, so we needed to learn everything, including the basics.

The first thing we learned was about safety. This is something that Lady’s Woods takes very seriously, and we all felt confident and comfortable with what we learned. We then learned how to actually shoot, which was pretty incredible. It is the first time I had ever had a gun in my hand, and I honestly thought it was going to be more intimidating than what it was. Because of the training we received though, it was very comfortable right from the start.

After we had our shooting instruction, we took a quick break before the real fun began. We each had 25 birds we were able to shoot, then we had a competition that was more fun than I would have thought possible. I did not win, but I did much better than I ever thought I would. After that, we had tea and coffee with prizes being awarded, and then we had a nice lunch that was very delicious. We stayed for a couple of hours over lunch and just talked and had fun, knowing that it would be hard for our boss to top this outing. Of all the fun things we do, this was by far the best.