Few educated women will tolerate a cheating husband for 8 years

Few educated women will tolerate a cheating husband for 8 years

The indian internet sector, ntro employees have ruthlessly cheated, exploited the google competitor, falsely associating their sex worker, cheater housewife girlfriends with her to deny the google competitor the income and opportunities she deserved while all their lazy greedy inexperienced cheater girlfriends are getting a monthly raw;/cbi salary without doing any work, without investing money at the expense of the google competitor, who is working like a slave, without making any money.

So tired of being cheated exploited the google competitor wishes to diversify into gardening, however the cheater ntro employees are like cheater husbands who refuse to give their loyal wife a divorce so that she can start life afresh, because then they will not be able to pamper their lazy greedy fraud sex worker, cheater girlfriends, give them credit, a raw/cbi salary for work they do not do, money they do not spend, defaming, cheating and exploiting the google competitor.

So on 27 May 2018, the google competitor, domain investor, finds that her Airtel connection is blocked, as she listed some plants for sale at Amazon, and the 10 google,tata sponsored raw/cbi employees impersonating the domain investor, do not have these plants in stock as they are mostly not interested in gardening. These women get everything easy, without doing any work, because of their powerful lovers, sugar daddies and relatives in NTRO, government agencies who are abusing their powers to make fake claims as part of the google,tata sex, bribery racket since 2010.

In real life, most educated women, who are financially independent, will not tolerate a cheating husband for 8 years, especially if he openly has extra marital affairs with other women, humiliating and defaming her. She will mostly apply for and get a divorce, so that she does not have to tolerate being exploited by her cheating husband, can start life afresh.

The ntro employees are refusing to acknowledge their mistake in committing a financial fraud on the google competitor since 2010, so when the google competitor wishes to at least partly exit the indian internet sector, they should have the humanity and honesty to let her exit, make money elsewhere