Preparing a Wooded Lot for Home Construction

Preparing a Wooded Lot for Home Construction

I purchased a large piece of property that I planned on building a house on. I guess you can say it is a heavily wooded area. I know it is going to be a lot of work preparing the land for the construction of my new home. I also know that this is not a job that I can handle on my own. I have enlisted the help of a Nassau County tree removal company to do this for me. I have used this company before on other construction sites and they have always done a spectacular job with a lot of attention to detail.

They are a local company that has been in business since 1991. They provide a wide array of services and provide quality work. I personally like the idea that they have certified arborists on staff that can give professional advice on how to properly maintain trees. They can help you decide which trees to keep that would thrive in the environment of the northeast region of the United States. Every staff member that does the actual tree work practices thorough and vigorous safety procedures. They provide their staff with the best tools and equipment available. I have never seen any horseplay or carrying on that would potentially put anybody in danger.

I have an appointment scheduled for this Friday for a representative to come out and go over the property with me so we can decide on the scope of work to be done. I want them to help me decide which trees to completely remove and which ones we should just prune or cut back. I don’t want to leave any trees around the power lines as this could pose a problem in the future, even if it could be years down the road. I’m looking forward to working with this company again.