Getting My Moles Removed for More Time in the Sun

Getting My Moles Removed for More Time in the Sun

I was always afraid to be outside in the sun without my skin being covered. I wanted to have a little more freedom to enjoy swimming, hiking and riding my bicycle. Golf would be more fun too if I was not wearing long sleeves. I decided to get my moles removed so I did not have to worry about them having sun exposure. I went to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore to have the procedure done. The doctor there was able to have all of the moles off in a few minutes. I had four that I waned removed. It was quick and painless.

I grew up being afraid of being in the sun and having a mole change color. No one in my family has had skin cancer, but I have heard stories about other people. I do not want to be one of those people who spends so much time in the sun that their skin looks like leather. However, I did want to be able to enjoy more time in the outdoor areas in the summer. To be able to swim without worry of my moles getting sunlight helped me make the decision to have them removed.

The doctor found a couple of skin tags during the surgery, and she asked me if I wanted those removed too. They are easy to remove, and my doctor is pretty quick at it. Now I can enjoy more time outdoors. I will always seek shade when it is hot, but getting out there in the sun now has an overwhelming appeal to it. I figured that with the moles gone, then there is nothing there to be at more increased risk for skin cancers. Definitely do not want anything like that to happen to me. I will be careful with my sun exposure.