A Competition Between the Businesses

A Competition Between the Businesses

Corporate shooting days have been pretty popular at the local shooting area. Businesses will come there with their employees and have fun outings for team building. Some of the business owners have come up with an idea of having a competition between the businesses. They want to take the top shooters from each business and put them up against each other for a prize. To determine the to shooter, each business would have to go to the shooting area once for their own corporate day. I like the idea of businesses shooting against each other, and hope that I can make the team if the idea is finalized.

At the last shooting day that I went to, I did pretty well among the workers. I went from not being able to shoot at all because of bad aim, to being able to hit most of the clay pigeons that are shot into the air. Becoming that good at shooting isn’t something that simply happens over night. It takes a lot of practice just to get used to the gun firing, and once you’re comfortable with that, then you have to learn how to properly use the sight to aim and them fire at the right moment.

Some of the people who work for the business that I work for have been shooting for years, and some are novices like I was when I started out. Not everyone can be good at shooting, and not everyone will be able to turn into a professional, but I think everyone can at least have the courage to pick up the gun and give it a shot. There’s no better way of knowing if you will be good at something than by giving it a good first try. If you don’t try at all, then you’re already defeated.