Finding a Place to Have Our Family Holiday Party

Finding a Place to Have Our Family Holiday Party

We were looking for a unique way to have a family get-together during the holidays. We were discussing whose house we would all gather at when someone suggested we have a Christmas party in Bristol at the shooting school where we all go to shoot sporting clays. I thought that might be fun, so I looked into it. A shooting holiday party sounds fun. We are a competitive bunch, and an opportunity to bring out the shotguns and shoot some sporting clays seemed like a great time. If we could have the meal catered, then there would be no need for the pot luck type of meals we had been having on holidays.

My grandparents were too advanced in age to be preparing full meals for everyone who would be showing up, and the rest of us had jobs that took up many hours. We like to get together as a family, but it is a lot of work making sure everyone is fed and entertained. Being able to go have a Christmas party in Bristol and be able to shoot sporting clays would be perfect. No meal prep, not clean up and just a bunch of fun to be had by all of us.

I am not the worst shooter of the bunch of us, but I am certainly not a top performer. However, I am still competitive in that I try to boost my ranking in the group with every event that we have. My uncle is the one who has been the top clay pigeon shooter among us for the last few years. Of course, though, he gets to practice much more than the rest of us do. He is a real enthusiast and is a member out there at Lady’s Wood. He went through their shooting school years ago and just keeps on improving his skills.