“The Breakup clinic” recommended for cheating victims

“The Breakup clinic” recommended for cheating victims

Very rarely do books influence the life of the reader for the better, however “The break-up clinic” by Dr Govind Sharma is one book which the domain investor has found to be useful, after being repeatedly defamed, cheated, betrayed and exploited by powerful NTRO employees at least 10 times since 2010 for their personal gain.In the book, the doctors have rightly pointed out that anyone who is cheated and betrayed should distance himself or herself from the person who cheated him or her, as the the cheater will again take advantage in future of, if the cheating victim makes a mistake and trusts the cheater again.

Often the cheating victim has a soft corner for the cheater so it is difficult to make a complete break, however for mental peace and stability it is best to reduce the contact to the minimum possible and move on.

There is no one, including relatives and friends, to give the cheating victim proper advice or help and just the thought of the fraud can make the victim very angry and upset. Additionally ntro employees are using voice to skull technology to taunt the cheating victim repeatedly, to increase the mental stress. It is very useful for domain investors who are often subjected to the worst mental harassment methods, cheating possible.

No one will give a dhokha if they do not value the relationship with their victim.

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