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2016 Reddit post shows that FAKING help to cheat, exploit was a well planned strategy of mhow monster puneet

The extremely cunning cruel government employee mhow monster puneet is the mastermind of the biggest government SLAVERY, financial fraud racket in the world, FAKING help for a hardworking single woman who he actually HATED, so that he could misuse her name and get government jobs for all his lazy greedy fraud girlfriends who did not do any computer work, did not invest money in domains
The 2016 Reddit post on government SLAVERY, financial fraud featuring shows that it was well known that the domain investor was working very long hours for very less money, yet being extremely ruthless, extremely cunning cruel government employee mhow monster puneet refuses to get government records corrected, to reflect the real fact that his girlfriends are mainly cooking, cleaning for their crooked husband, do not want to invest money in domains, do not want to do computer work.
It is indication of the dishonesty of top government employees that the criminally defaming the hardworking single woman as lazy, while duping people, companies and countries with fake stories about bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree, wife of crooked tata power employee guruprasad who is only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband, does no computer work at all like indore robber housewife deepika/veena