A Professional Tree Company Was My Preference

When my wife asked me if I could cut down the tree in the front yard, I had to laugh. The tree is huge! While we had talked in the past about how nice it would be to keep it, it had grown too massive over the years. The last storm we had was not kind to it, and we started thinking about the next storms that would come through. I told her that it would be smarter to hire a tree service in Hendersonville for a number of reasons with the main reason being they are professionals in this area!

When something is wrong with my car, I only handle the minor things I know I can handle. If it is something major though, I always take it to my mechanic who has the training, resources and proper tools to fix my car right the first time. While I could try to fix it, the outcome is likely to be different than his outcome because I don’t have the right skills set to fix my car properly. The same was true about the tree in our yard. I did not have the right tools nor the knowledge on how to bring the tree down safely.

I looked at some different tree services in the area. I looked at their websites as well as some reviews, and then I requested some free estimates. I did not choose the cheapest because it was just too low in my opinion. I also wanted a tree removal company that was insured should something happen when they were in the process of bringing it down. The tree company I chose fit all the requirements that I wanted them to have, and they were able to come out later that week to remove the tree. It was fascinating to watch them and while we will miss that old tree, we are also thankful that we no longer have to worry about it during a storm.