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After Mumbai ex-CP Parambir singh made Rs 100 crore allegation, his negative news featured on hindi television channels

Bars in Mumbai, Thane are usually paying monthly hafta of Rs 6 lakh
After the former Mumbai CP Parambir singh made allegation of Rs 100 crore monthly target collection from bars, restaurants in Mumbai, the hindi television channels have been featuring a large number of bars , interviewing their owners, managers
They claim that they are paying Rs 6 lakh monthly hafta to government employees to prevent harassment
In some cases, the bar owner claimed that Rs two lakh was sent monthly specifically to the Mumbai ex-CP Parambir singh
This coverage of parambir singh exposing him, the negative news, also shows how people react when they are betrayed. The maharashtra government must have trusted the Mumbai ex-CP Parambir singh so they gave him a very important post. However, after one year, he betrayed them, making extortion allegations. So now they also leaking all his secrets like assets of Rs 8.14 crore + on television channels
This is the natural behavior of anyone who is betrayed , they will expose the secrets of the person who betrayed him or her, especially negative news

IPS officer Parambir singh allegedly betrays the trust of Maharashtra Home minister Anil Deshmukh

In the last few decades, the levels of betrayal in India are increasing, people have no qualms betraying their family members or people who trusted them . Now in a new case of betrayal of trust widely covered in the mainstream media , IPS officer Parambir singh allegedly betrays the trust of Maharashtra Home minister Anil Deshmukh, making allegations against the home minister . The conversation was supposed to be confidential, yet it was leaked

According to television channels IPS officer Parambir singh is a very senior level officer, DG level, was the commissioner of police (CP) and before he transferred, Singh was saluting Deshmukh, who he was reporting to. Now he is claiming that he was asked to extort Rs 100 crore monthly from bars, restaurants and hotels in mumbai, This is the first time in 146 years of mumbai police that the CP is openly involved in a dispute with the home minister according to india today

The maharashtra government is claiming that IPS officers are reporting to delhi, the Maharastrian IPS officers have told the government, they are doing what they are told by central government in delhi or their career will get affected. Usually people like haaryana fraud mba hr R&AW employee ruchika kinge only betray those who they think will not be able to act against them, so Parambir Singh, must have been assured of support, when he made the allegations