Only after puneet vrushali college romance is exposed, google competitor is getting some relief

The ruthlessness of the ntro employees in misusing the name of the google competitor and causing financial losses is slowly getting exposed , as she tells the facts about her relationship with the powerful mhow cheater puneet and other ntro employees, who actually hate her
It appears that the mhow cheater puneet was an excellent actor, and everyone believed in his complete lies about his relationship with the google competitor, and others like j srinivasan, parmar, vijay also followed his footsteps in exploiting the google competitor, engineer.
Initially the google competitor did not want to wash all the dirty linen in public, however the losses she is making are so great, that she is left with no choice than to tell the truth, and challenge those who are making up fake stories
Why are the fake claims made by ntro employees who are strangers to her, so status conscious that they have refused to communicate with her for more than 8 years, used to steal her resume, savings, correspondence, and memory, without a legally valid reason.
This forced the google competitor to expose the puneet vrushali college romance ,and the google competitor is slowly getting some relief because people are realizing that she is not connected with powerful government employees, she is a powerless private citizen, who was ruthlessly exploited.
The google competitor is a harmless private citizen, with no powers, and she should be treated like other private citizens, having the freedom and rights as guaranteed by the indian constitution.