Success Attributed to the Logo

Success Attributed to the Logo

It’s been an intense first year for my company, but it has been profitable. I came up with the idea for the company one day while lounging around the house. In the initial stages of getting my company off the ground, I thought about making a logo that would make the company recognizable to others. I went to a company that did graphic design in Bedfordshire and asked them to help me make a logo that would be an attention grabber and properly reflect what my company was offering. I wanted the logo to be on everything, from business cards to coffee mugs.

The company came up with some good ideas and I picked the one that I felt was the best. I had some business cards printed with the logo and passed them out to as many people as I could find in order to spread the word about my business. Even though there are a lot of digital methods for informing people about a company, there’s something about a business card that really speaks to people on a personal level. The act of passing along a business card to another person creates a memory that people will often remember much later.

The logo had quite a positive effect on the outcome of my business. We were able to get a steady flow of customers, and were able to create more methods for drumming up interest in the business. Along with my coffee mug idea, I had some pens and t-shirts printed with the logo, and handed them out at a promotional street event. People can’t resist getting free stuff, even if it’s something as simple as a shirt or a coffee mug. The amount that was spent on the event was only a drop in the bucket compared to the profit that was made.