Interesting Architecture Found in Singapore

Interesting Architecture Found in Singapore

One thing I think is really neat about Singapore is how the architecture itself has natural spaces built into it. Plus, they like to build things that are just pretty to look at. The newer buildings in Singapore have a visual appeal to them rather than them just being squarish towers that poke up from the ground into the sky. It is really cool to look up and see an area several stories high halfway up a building that has trees growing. A new condo project at is an example of this type of building that you will find in Singapore.

The two-tower construction is designed to look like a lantern at night. The shape is pleasing to look at during the day as well. There are natural areas built into the construction of both towers. When you go to the floors with the swimming pools on each tower, you will find tress and grassy areas. I think that the limited land space available on the island nation has really driven innovation to allow urban construction while still maintaining park-like areas for people to enjoy. They take advantage of the vertical space since they can only expand and urbanize on the ground so much before there is no more room.

When you cannot devote the acreage you want to having large open outdoor spaces for people to enjoy, just build them into the buildings themselves. You can have a park where you can sit under trees and enjoy the sunshine without even leaving the building you live in. Water features are also another big thing. You might find a swimming pool that runs the entire length of a building and have footbridges you walk over to get into and out of the building. The swimming pools in Singapore are huge, and some of them even have islands you can visit that have trees and grass growing on them. Nice areas where you can escape the crowds.



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