Perfect Solution for when the Pain Gets Bad

Perfect Solution for when the Pain Gets Bad

My wife took me to a chiropractor in Salinas the other day when I woke up in the morning and suddenly couldn’t get out of bed. I mean that literally, too. I literally could not get out of bed. She was in the bathroom taking a shower while I grunted and strained to simply get myself up and out of bed. I couldn’t move and it was obvious that my old back problem and returned with a vengeance. I should have known this would happen because I hadn’t had an episode in some time. It always shows up when it’s least expected.

Still, this was the first time I literally couldn’t get out of bed. That was an alarming escalation with this problem and one that had to be remedied immediately. I’d just started a new job and couldn’t miss a lot of work. And while my boss new about my health issues, I didn’t feel comfortable calling in to tell him I would be riding my bed for the next few days. It just wouldn’t look good and I wanted to make a good impression at my new job. I obviously needed to find a fast solution.

My wife came in, saw my distress, and started looking online for chiropractors while I laid there like a bump on a log. She made a quick appointment online and somehow managed to get me to the car and to the office. The chiropractor was there when we pulled up and helped get me inside. A flurry of questions followed and then he got to work trying to get my back loosened up. I had my doubts, but he worked quickly and without pain and soon enough I was on my feet and moving around. I’ll be returning for more visits, but I’m good to go for the foreseeable future!