Proof that brahmin ntro employee puneet was misusing the name of the google competitor

Now that the bepanah type extra marital affair of ntro employee puneet with bengaluru R&AW employee brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar has been exposed, people should be aware that the fraud puneet was misusing the name of the google competitor, so that he could exploit and cheat her to the maximum extent possible.
The google competitor would receive emails related to the following topics which were associated with ntro employee puneet
– cigarettes, electronic cigarettes
– escort services
– male health

It appears that the ntro employee puneet was a very good actor, almost everyone believed his lies and were unfairly harassing the google competitor whose name he was misusing, when actually there was no connection at all.
It was a brilliant fraud strategy of brahmin cheater puneet to make these fake claims of a relationship, so that his enemies would also attack his classmate, who he actually hated, denied information.