Indian women expected to tolerate cheating, dhokha as shown in Bepanah

One of the reasons why google,tata, ntro employees were so ruthless in committing a financial, resume theft fraud on the google competitor, engineer and domain investor is because indian society expects indian women to quietly tolerate cheating,
In the colours television serial, a married woman Pooja Hooda allegedly has an extra marital affair with a married man Yash Arora and both of them are found dead in an accident . The husband of Pooja Hooda, Aditya Hooda is a pilot who is extremely angry at his wifes dhokha, and is getting very angry repeatedly when he sees or hears anything that reminds him of his wifes betrayal, cheating, breaking and damaging things. He wishes to take revenge on Yash Arora and his associates for cheating and destroying his well settled life by having an affair with his wife.

On the other hand, the wife of Yash Arora, Zoya Siddiqui refuses to believe that her husband has done anything wrong, and continues to cherish his memories, though she has the same proof of his betrayal, photos of her husband and his girlfriend taken together at a shopping mall and other items. This shows that indian women are usually extremely accepting of any betrayal by their husband, as they are expected to be emotional fools

While ntro employees assumption about dhokha may be right for housewives and those with no professional aspirations, a single woman engineer who has worked in a top company, will never tolerate the cheating, exploitation by powerful fraud ntro employees who she has never interacted with or asked for any favor

Fraud NTRO employee parmar specialized in making fake black money allegations to get great powers, cbi salary for his school dropout premika

Powerful Fraud NTRO employee parmar specialized in making fake black money allegations against a harmless single woman bhandari engineer, domain investor, google competitor to get great powers, cbi salary for his school dropout premika, eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, illegally married at the age of 16.

For 10 years, like the crook j srinivasan, who is pampering the goan bhandari sex worker R&AW employee sunaina chodan, puneet pampering indore document robber housewife veena, the fraud parmar has made fake allegatons without any legally valid proof against the engineer,defaming the single woman bhandari engineer .

The fake black money allegations of parmar have made his semiliterate premika naina, with whom he is having an extra marital affair, extremely wealthy, and now his premika’s son have both got new vehicles , her elder son has got a red Maruti brezza L2233 and her younger son has got a new white scooter number plate 6643

If parmar cannot provide any legally valid proof, why is the indian government blindly believing his lies