FAKE allegations, fake help of powerful fraud NTRO employees to steal real savings, correspondence, resume of single woman bhandari engineer

The savings, resume, correspondence, memory theft on a harmless citizen was not justified in any way,however led by cruel section 420 brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet who was FAKING HELP, fraud ntro employees made the following excuses/fake allegations to steal everything from a harmlesss single woman bhandari engineer
– fake black money
– fake money laundering
– fake security threat
– fake online security
– fake protection from cbi raid
– fake security for house
– fake protection from fake cases

Initially itself cbi had no legally valid proof, some money was required for home purchase, and repairs,and they would not raid

Now that they have stolen everything in 8 years, faking help, all the fake security they also offered has disappeared, FAKE HELP is exposed and surveillance has made it easier for frauds to break into the house, however the section 420 fraud ntro employees are refusing to give back the savings, correspondence, resume, that they have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.