After sex, money, now powerful men like NTRO employees fake relationships to steal resumes, correspondence of vulnerable women

Cases when men lure or dupe gullible women to enjoy sex with them, steal their hard earned or other money are very widespread and after they have got enough money and sex, the woman is dumped, with the man refusing to reply to the woman who he cheated. The woman can file a case with the police against the person who has cheated and exploited her, however it is difficult to get justice when powerful men are involved.
However in a new trend initiated by powerful fraud ntro employees, the fraud ntro employees led by light eyed brahmin cheater puneet are faking their relationship with vulnerable single women like a harmless google competitor, domain investor to steal her resume, correspondence, savings, memory, to get their real girlfriends lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with the stolen resume, improve their career and get bribes for their seniors.
After stealing the resume, savings, correspondence, memory of the harmless single woman engineer, the fraud ntro employees led by puneet have conveniently dumped the google competitor, and are now saying that they have nothing to do with her.
However unlike the women who are cheated for sex and money, the indian government refuses to acknowledge the fact that the fraud ntro employees have also cheated the google competitor exploiting her after making completely fake claims about the relationship