No one talks about cheater brahmin men especially in intelligence and security agencies

No one talks about cheater brahmin men especially in intelligence and security agencies

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A Quora member who called GSB men players found that her/his answer was collapsed in Quora, and said that she/he was telling the truth, and no one is talking about it. It is harsh reality of the indian internet sector that the endless frauds of top officials are never documented, especially if they are brahmin men unlike the united states where citizens are free to write about frauds online
In addition to being cheated and exploited by GSB and other brahmin men like puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, parmar, patel the domain investor legally owning this website has been told that she has been cheated by the shivalli brahmin cheater ntro/R&AW employee hathwar , yet is not getting any justice
However when she is talking about the fraud,cheating of brahmin and other men, she is being labelled a security threat, her mental sanity questioned. These brahmin men pamper frauds like the indore document robber R&AW employee housewife veena who looks like actress deepika padukone
This is the reason why sexual harassment cases are filed against indian IT sector officials only in UK, USA not in India, because women who talk about sexual exploitation, cheating and harassment are falsely labelled a security threat, denied their fundamental rights

From Quora

Nobody will tell you this but GSBs are the most backward people on earth. They will never marry outside of their own GSB community. So in the end, it’s all going to be incest.

They think they are better than other brahmins but in the end they are just a bunch of losers who think being born into a particular community makes them special. It doesn’t !!!

The GSB men are players. They will fool you with their fake sweetness and break your trust and your heart. They will use you and manipulate you. They are heartless and spineless and will never stand up for what is right.

Edit: Writing the truth gets your answer collapsed. I really don’t know what I should change. I wrote about a fact that no one will really be speaking out loud. The reason I have upvoters for this answers, and all GSBs BTW, is because this is the unspoken truth. Why do I need to improve the answer then ? I was asked for an unknown fact and i gave one.

People here have written that GSBs are scholars and successful in thier fields. So is that how we judge people now, only by how successful they are ? How useful is all that success when you are still backward in your thought process and consider caste to be an important factor in a decision as big as choosing a life partner.

The fact that we are discussing caste here is in itself a big fail for me. But I gave you my opinion, which is what I have seen in multiple cases not just one or two.