Duping top indian intelligence and security agency officials is very lucrative in India

Once indore cheater housewife veena and others duped top intelligence and security agencies with their lies about domain names, paypal account, it became very lucrative for her and others, because these officials have big egos, are status conscious, ambitious and are aware of the fact that admitting their mistake, will affect their reputation and career at the time of their next appraisal.

So when powerful men make a mistake, they do everything possible to cover up their fraud and mistake, wasting more indian tax payer money in the process. Indian leaders and other officials fail to realize that the top officials are not like to admit their mistake readily as it affects their reputation

A third person will have to use facts to prove that these top officials are making fake claims, are liars and there is no one willing to do so as the leaders are not very efficient and honest. Unlike the united states, where the intelligence and security agencies are questioned by the senate, in India intelligence and security agencies are free to do whatever they wish resulting in NIXI fiasco.