Before lecturing on reducing imports, government should stop dhokha of indian companies

The media reported that the prime minister had lectured indian business owners to purchase from indian companies, however before lecturing indian small business owners, he should ask indian intelligence, security agencies and larger companies to stop their dhokha
In the indian internet sector, some well connected indian companies are notorious for dhokha, cheating the customers who made the mistake of trusting them,defaming them without any proof at all, stealing their resume, retirement savings, correspondence and memory, destroying their life completely, leaving them penniless.
For example the indore fraud housewife veena has never invested any money in domain names in her life, yet indian internet companies are shameless section 420 frauds, who are taking money from the real domain investor and falsely claiming that the indore fraud housewife owns the domain names of the google competitor. Many customers of these companies are complaining on forums of being harassed.
So to prevent their life from being ruined further by the ruthless powerful corrupt and dishonest intelligence and security agencies, indian small business owners are forced to import